We pay local farmers and other suppliers fair prices. We pay our staff a fair wage. We stock our shelves with local food made by people who are our neighbours and friends. They don’t have large farms or factories or vast resources behind them and what you experience is the result of their hard work, dedication and passion.

We bake and prepare real food for you here, every day, using ingredients we are proud of and would feed our own families. We use produce that may otherwise have gone to waste, and we are proud that we have less than 1% food waste in our operations.

Some of our prices may be slightly higher than what you might see in a box store (and then again they may be lower too!). We know that the lower prices they sometimes offer have come at a higher cost to society. Low employee wages, unethical environmental practices, pressure on farmers to cut corners, money taken out of our local economy and a general lack of concern for waste, people and the environment. These costs are too great for us to endorse and so we choose to support companies that do not prioritise profits over the planet or people. We endeavour to offer the most competitive prices we can, without sacrificing our principles, and many times we are more competitive than you might assume!

Please know that when you buy from us, the majority of the money stays within the community (both the local community and within BC) and helps to build a robust local economy that we all benefit from. We promise never to price fix or mislead you. We tell the truth. We pay fair wages to all involved in our supply chain and our relationships matter the most. To us, you are a vital member of the Long Table community and we are so grateful for you all.

XO, Amy, Kari and the Long Table team


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