Long table catering

On our trays we use locally-raised meats, BC cheese, house-made pickles, local preserves, local crackers, breads and organic produce. We use local options when available but sometimes make substitutions when local is not available.

Delivery is included for orders over $100. We require a minimum of 2 days notice for catering orders and we do not offer pick up or delivery on Sundays.

We charge a small deposit of $10 on the trays which is returned when the tray is. For a small additional charge we can provide eco-friendly plates, napkins and cutlery if requested.

We are often asked how many people each size will feed. We are not really able to answer that exactly as it depends on so many factors such as the time of day, what other food is there, whether it is a meal or a snack and ultimately how hungry people are which is impossible to predict.

Scroll down to view all of our catering options and to order online. We also accommodate custom requests so please reach out if you don't see what you need.

catering box Options

Elevenses Charcuterie Box - bread, charcuterie meats, condiments, fruits,
crackers, vegetables, cheese, jams, jellies, dips and more! Fresh, colourful and gorgeous!

Small $55 / Medium $85 / Large $125 / Epic Box $250

Taco Bar - ground beef taco filling, vegetarian filling, taco shells and tortillas,
sour cream, salsa and all the veggies to make amazing tacos!

10 people $150 / 20 people $225

Sandwich Bar - bread, charcuterie meats, condiments, cheese and vegetables for a
make-your-own sandwich bar

10 people $150 / 20 people $225

Salad Bar - Lettuce, greens, fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, cheese, nuts and
salad dressings for a make-your-own salad bar

10 people $150 / 20 people $225

Fruit + Veggies Box - All kinds of delicious veggies and fruit ready for healthy
grazing with a selection of dips. Fresh, colourful and gorgeous!

Small $49 / Large $89 / Epic Box $150

Mediterranean Tapas Box - In-house made Foccaccia Bread served with Olive
balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs, as well as in-house made hummus, with
roasted garlic and olives.

Small $59 / Medium $79 / Large $99 / Epic Box $150

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