We are Quesnel’s original charcuterie box business and our boxes have been enjoyed by our amazing customers since 2015 starting with the Elevenses Food Truck and now through Long Table Kitchen. We offer charcuterie and grazing options including grazing tables and boards, charcuterie boxes, and single-serve options like mini boxes and jarcuterie.

Our offerings contain artisanal items that are either locally sourced or purchased from independent businesses here in the Cariboo and the rest of British Columbia as well as many items made in-house here in our Long Table Kitchen. Our produce is always organically or locally-grown. The items on our boards are constantly changing to bring you seasonal, interesting and delicious flavours.

When you support Long Table, you are not only supporting one small/local business, you are supporting many!

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        Signature Long Table Charcuterie Boxes

        Served in our zero-waste signature wooden boxes for a $10 box deposit. Paper box options are also available!

        Elevenses Charcuterie Box - fresh bread, local charcuterie meats, olives, pickles, cream cheese, fruits, Hixon Falls crackers, vegetables, cheeses, jams, jellies, dips and more! Fresh, colourful and gorgeous!

        • Small (14" x 14") $55
        • Medium (14" x 20") $95
        • Large (24" x 18") $125
        • Epic (24"x 18") $250

        Mini Elevenses Boxes - These individual-sized mini grazing boxes are like a sophisticated lunchable and are perfect for office or picnic lunches. These are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. 

        • Mini Box (9”x 6”)  - $15
        • Mini Share Box (10”x 10”) - $30

        Jarcuterie - crackers, meats, cheese, veggies, olives, and more served in individual mason jars. These are perfect for socially-distanced events, these put the CUTE in Charcuterie!

        • Each (minimum 6) - $8.75 each + $1 jar deposit per jar

        Brunch Box - A delicious selection of fresh baking, cheese, fruit, jam and more for a gorgeous breakfast. Boxes can be packed for next-day service so you can enjoy a leisurely brunch without even leaving your house in the morning! 

        • Small (14" x 14") $55
        • Medium (14" x 20") $85
        • Large (16" x 24") $125
        • Epic (24" x 18") $200

        Sweets Box - A casual collection of baked goods made in-house here at Long Table. This box may include cookies, muffins, bars and other treats. Perfect for coffee break rooms or meetings! 

        • Small (4-6 people)  $40
        • Medium (6-10 people) $60

        Fruit + Veggies Box - All kinds of delicious veggies and fruit ready for healthy grazing with a selection of dips. Fresh, colourful and gorgeous! Vegetarian + vegan dips available upon request.

        • Small (14” x 14”)  $55
        • Medium (14” x 20”) $85
        • Large (18” x 24”) $125

        Mediterranean Tapas Box (vegetarian/vegan available) - In-house made Focaccia Bread served with Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs, as well as house made hummus, with vegetables, dates, roasted garlic, feta and olives.

        • Small (14” x 14”) $55
        • Medium (14” x 20”) $85
        • Large  (18” x 24”) $125

        Taco Bar - ground beef seasoned taco filling, taco shells and tortillas, sour cream, salsa and all the veggies you need to make amazing tacos! Vegetarian/vegan options available.

        • 6 people $90 
        • 10 people $140
        • 20 people $200
        • Packaged individually, served with salsa + chips (minimum 5) $12.50 each

        Sandwich Bar - bread, charcuterie meats, condiments, cheese and vegetables for a make-your-own sandwich bar. This one is really popular for office lunches and meetings! 

        • 6 people $90
        • 10 people $140
        • 20 people $200
        • Packaged individually, served with salad greens (minimum 5) $12.50 each

        Please click here to order from our Catering Menu.

        We also accommodate custom requests so please reach out if you don't see what you need!

        • All offerings are custom made for you and so must be booked in advance. We prefer a minimum of 1 full business days notice but please do contact us if you need something in a pinch.
        • Orders are subject to schedule availability.
        • Delivery and pick-up options are available with free delivery within/near city limits available for orders over $50.
        • Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available. Pricing may vary.
        • Most of our boxes come in a wooden crate that can be returned for a $10 deposit. 
        • Photos shown are examples. New orders will vary based on artistic uniqueness, customer preferences, item availability and seasonality. No two orders are exactly the same! 
        • All options are made to order in our commercial kitchen which is licensed and permitted by Northern Health by employees certified in safe food handling.
        • For a small additional charge we can provide eco-friendly plates, napkins and cutlery if needed.

        We are often asked how many people each size will feed. We are not really able to answer that exactly as it depends on so many factors such as the time of day, what other food is there, whether it is a meal or a snack and ultimately how hungry people are which is impossible to predict. We have included the measurements of each box to help you decide what is right for your gathering.


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